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50 ways to work and earn money online from home

Today I present a wide list of business opportunities that will allow us to work from home and most importantly, make money with the Internet. And it is that in times of crisis, ingenuity emerges. Have you ever wondered how you can work from home? o What job opportunities allow you to earn money with the Internet? Here you will find the answer.


1 – Plugins and payment templates

Within the web design with CMS, as is the case with WordPress , we have many plugins and templates that allow us to customize our website to unsuspected limits.

If you are an experienced web or computer developer, maybe you can make a living online by creating plugins and payment templates, or offering a part of them for free and an additional part that is paid.

2 – Posts patrocinados

If you are a blogger and you want to make money from home, you will love what I am going to tell you.

Assuming you have a blog with a fairly large traffic, some brands or companies that are starting and want to do branding to make themselves known, can come to you (or offer you to them) and propose to write yourself in your blog articles in the that you speak marvels of the brand, such as how great their products are, how well they have treated you when you went to buy them or the sensational after-sales service they have.

Also, depending on the agreement you have reached, they can ask you to share it on your social networks.

Thus, they take advantage of the high degree of social influence you have to grow your personal brand and you can earn extra money online very easily.

Personally I advise that whenever you are going to accept these types ofways to monetize with your blog , think very well if the theme of what you are sponsoring is consistent with your personal brand and if it can be valuable content for the target audience to which you normally devote the contents of your blog.

You can do this type of work online on the Coobis website .


3 – Copywriter

The profession of copywriter is relatively new and is related to the advertising sector and Internet businesses directly aimed at sales, such as e-commerce, bloggers who sell infoproductoswithin their website, etc.

It is based on the art of writing so that you seduce your potential clients, so that depending on how you tell them what products or services you offer, you awaken in them an unstoppable desire to convert within your website.

To get money online as a copywriter , you must perform a very specific training and study very well the psychology of the target audience that will land on your website, to convince with your texts.

Maïder Tomasena or Javi Pastor are two examples of copywriters in this branch of online marketing.

If you want to know how to write well on your website you can review this copywriting guide.


4 – Visit web pages

There are many web portals that pay you only for visiting your page and despite the fact that all your life you have been scared this kind of internet business apparently so easy, there are many people who take out extra money per month.

It consists precisely in that, visit a page that you indicate for a minimum time.

The interest of these portals in which you visit can be varied: increase your web traffic without incurring rebound, you see the ads of other companies that are advertised there and if you are interested, can visit them, register on the websites that are promoted, etc.

Likewise you will not live to visit websites, since the money you earn is usually between 1 – 5 cents per visit, but it is always important to know about the existence of this way of obtaining income online.

5 – The Freemium content-based business model

It is a business model that is working for many professionals as authors of books, bloggers and trainers of free online courses .

It consists of offering a free product (free) within your website or blog , so that users can download it.

The business is in that you create a continuation or advanced version of this product (Premium), where it is paid.

Among the professionals of digital and social media marketing who have a blog, the example of offering an ebook or course, on topics in which you are very expert and can offer a lot of value is very widespread .

The key to making this technique a profitable business is to make a free product with engagement, so good and powerful that you provoke the user the need to have that “advanced” and exclusive part, where you will know all those secrets that you insinuate in the free version .

If these are good, imagine what the payment will be like!

6 – Transcription of online content

Another easy way to earn extra money online and from your own home is by transcribing videos or audios.

In the case of videos, it is very instructive and enjoyable to go to successful YouTube channels  to learn about the professional sector that we dedicate to, free of charge and from home, watching and listening to the explanations of experts and referents.

In the case of podcasts, the same thing happens.

You can listen to the explanations and advice of your references comfortably while doing any daily task.

However, we all know that what Google positions is the content in text format , hence the importance of transcribing each of these audiovisual contents.

It is here where this profession is born that you can play from home totally online and free.

Some websites in which you can register to perform transcription of content works are SpeakWrite Upwork or QuieroTranscribir . 


7 – Creation of an Online Store

There are people with entrepreneurial mindset that with very few resources , such as a CMS such as WordPress, plugins like WooCommerce and a lot of desire to make money online are already getting enough income online.

You just have to analyze the market well, search among the needs of the consumer and find the niche that can make you succeed with your online store.

To start, if you do not have large savings, do not worry, since there are techniques such as Dropshipping , if you keep reading, I’ll tell you what it is.

8 – Provision of online services

I have always thought that if a person is very good at something, he should show it to the world . You should not keep it for him / her, but boost that talent and also try to make a living with it.

And with the existence of the online world and social networks, this is a magnificent opportunity to make money online by doing what we like.

Good example of this are free platforms such as Fiverr  and Geniuzz , where you can find people who perform for a reasonable price from logo design, online legal consulting, creation and editing of digital content , etc.

9 – Sale of advertising space on your blog

When you have a successful blog and it receives a considerable number of visits, you should know that all the effort made to generate valuable content and promote it through your social networks or other channels, you can monetize it.

For this, you can offer advertising space within your blog , with which you can earn some money if you click on them.

The best known platform to get money through the advertising of your blog is Google Adsense .

10 – Intermediary services

You can also offer services to companies and individuals, announcing them online.

To earn money as an intermediary , you only have to have 3 things: a website and social networks where you can offer your services; a good group of friends, each expert in a digital profession (graphic design, web, Community Manager, etc.) and a telephone.

Your job will only consist of finding clients and planning the tasks that each one has to do, according to the dates given to the clients.

IF you have the gift of people, you can make a living in this way. I also think that it is a digital profession with a future, since all those involved earn a commission for their functions.

11 – YouTuber

Today there are many young people, and not so much, those who want to earn extra money with this fashionable profession and apparently with a great future.

To begin, you must have an official channel on YouTube, personalized with your own personal brand and start uploading videos of the theme in which you want.

If you complement it with a good job of SEO within the channel , so that above all at the beginning you can find, hook with your target audience and get a pretty large traffic, you can connect it with your Adsense account and start monetizing your channel Youtube.

If you are one of those that the camera adores, go and dismiss your boss and devote to make money with your videos on the Internet.

12 – Online Business Consultant

More and more freelancers and Startups consultants are offering their consulting services over the Internet , through Skype or Hangouts , because they save on the cost of renting physical offices or traveling .

This is a way to earn money through the internet with a great future, as more and more entrepreneurs are choosing to launch their projects. So, in your case, you can be one of them, giving your services comfortably from home.

13 – Online content translator for web pages

On many occasions, online businesses, such as e-commerce, decide to open their borders and start selling their products online to users in other countries.

For this, if you have a specialized training in languages , you can offer yourself as a translator of web pages and thus carry out your profession also from home.

14 – Online bets

It is one of the businesses on the Internet that are predicted for the future. In fact, conventional bets have always existed and are a money-making mine for our Government.

Spanish betting fans have taken advantage of online betting houses, which allow you to bet almost for what you least expect.

If you’re lucky, maybe you can occasionally get extra money betting online.

About this type of business on the Internet, you must be very careful, since their ability to become overly fond of them can end up in gambling.

15 – Community Manager

The profession of Community Manager is one of the most demanded by companies nowadays and without doubt one of the most future within the labor scene.

Because it is becoming increasingly necessary for businesses to have a presence on the Internet and social networks , they need the figure of a professional and qualified Community Manager , who manages in a professional and corporate manner the image of their brand and interacts with their target audience .

16 – Sale of professional photos online

If you have some advanced knowledge in photography, you are a lover of this profession and you have a first level camera, this will be for you a simple way to earn money.

It is simply about uploading your photos to some portals that accept this type of online business and you will earn money when other users pay for their downloads.

In most cases you will have to wait for your work to be accepted and then, for each download, you will receive a portion of the amount that the website collects for the sale of those images.

17 – Assistant or virtual secretary of other professionals

More and more doctors, CEO’s of companies and other professionals with positions of high responsibility are those who hire assistants who take their agendas and plan them online instead of hiring someone to be physically in an office.

Being a personal assistant only has advantages, if for example you are freelance, since it means working from home without investing money, only needing a computer, a telephone.

18 – Sell second-hand items

This way of getting money online maybe one of the simplest, because it is as it sounds.

The big advantage is that you do not have to do any work or homework. Just check what objects you have at home do not use and give it out, uploading it to any of these portals, such as Vibbo .

19 – Answer online surveys

There are marketing and advertising companies that when they take out a product, they do not know which target audience to focus on or segment it.

For this reason, they commission surveys to some web portals of surveys, so that Internet users can answer them.

The advertising companies pay a remuneration to these survey portals and in turn, the portals pay a small amount of money to each user who conducts the survey.

Good examples are Feebo .

20 – Websites of errands and domestic tasks

If all the great ways to earn money online that I have told you so far, you think that none is for you, since you are not a specialist in any of them or do not have such technical knowledge in the use of the Internet, wait because I have thought about you.

If you belong to a more traditional professional group and are a housewife, babysitter, carpenter, plumber or cleaner, there are websites where you can earn your living online with your lifelong profession, only by registering in them.

21 – Shortening URL’s

There are some URL shorteners that allow you to earn some money. Making money by shortening web pages is relatively easy . All you have to do is register on the web and from the indicated space, you must type the URL you want to shorten.

With the URL that these websites generate, you can copy and paste them in your browser. You will see that during the seconds it takes to load this shortened web, they will show you an ad, which you should always give the message of type “skip” or “go to the desired web”, after a countdown of about 5 or 10 seconds .

The advertisers in this case, are the ones who pay to these shortening websites because you see at least your ad and at the same time you will earn a little money according to the visits that these shortened URLs have.

I recommend shorteners like  and

22 – Evaluate web pages

If you dedicate yourself to the design of web pages or mobile applications, you will feel like on occasion, when you publish something new, users notice that the design or usability areconfusing and the users do not interact at the end what you expected and does not produce enough engagement.

This can happen because you see your creation in the first person, so you do not realize those mistakes.

Platforms like Usertesting  allow other users to earn money by testing your web pages or mobile applications and thus get that feedback you want before publishing them.

23 – Earn money by posting tweets or posting on your social networks

Some brands that want to promote themselves in social networks choose references to publish the content of that brand in their profiles.

Those people, as influencers that are, will have a lot of reliability from other users in everything they publish, so their followers will be more likely to access the content that the brand is advertising.

So if your online brand is powerful, this is definitely a good way to make money online.

In addition, it is a way to do online business with a great future, since the better brand you have, the more money you can ask for your publications.

A portal of this type that I invite you to try is IZEA .

24 – Writing articles by word

Many journalists have decided in recent times for this way of earning money online freelance, since having ease and speed in the writing of professional articles.

To do this, you have websites such as Listverse  and iWriter , where if you have a blog or portfolio where you can show your professional history and have value in the matter, you can have a lot of success and a professional future online.

25 – Sale of products to Amazon through FBA

This method is ideal if you have an online store and you are starting.

If you are a small e-commerce, perhaps you can save many logistics costs, such as packaging, sealing and transportation, thanks to the “Fulfilled by Amazon” system .

It consists of sending a complete inventory of the products of our online store and Amazon is responsible for the entire logistics process, including sending the product to your final customer.

Thus, both earn a part of the amount of the product and if you make numbers, you still get more benefit at the end of the month than doing all this logistics part yourself.

26 – Do Dropshipping through your e-commerce

If you are thinking about creating an e-commerce to make money online and you do not have many savings to make an initial investment in the products that you are going to sell, I recommend this technique.

The dropshipping is that you, as a retailer that has an online store, offer products that you do not physically have in stock.

These products are really bought from a wholesaler, who sells them at a lower price than you offer in your e-commerce.

In addition to the benefit you get for each product by selling it at a price slightly higher than the one you previously bought from the wholesaler, you save the logistics costs, as it will be the one that sends the products directly to the end customer, but on your behalf.

It is a business idea with a future and possibilities of success, especially now in times of crisis, in which many entrepreneurs want to do business online and at home, since you only have to send the order to the wholesaler to prepare the order, every time someone make a purchase in your online store.

27 – Earn money with affiliate networks

This way of obtaining online income is based on the insertion of links or banners on your website, so you will be announcing third-party products. In the affiliate marketing guide we explain in detail how to do it.

Your earnings through the affiliate program will depend on the times that the users of that website click on the advertising space.

Logically, you can only be able to earn money by affiliates if your website.

28 – Earn money online through the “Clickbank” system

It is an affiliate marketing system with a lot of prestige and with which you can get extra money from home.

Clickbank is a company in which you can offer a digital product, such as an ebook or infoproduct in general. This platform has affiliates, which will be the ones that promote your products and so it can reach more people, with which the possibilities of selling your digital product will increase considerably.

It’s a good way to earn “win, win” money, since everyone wins: you win by selling your content more; and the affiliate and the portal itself also earn, by taking both a commission for the sale of this digital product.

29 – Telemarketing

Surely you know what I’m talking about if I ask you to remember that kind lady who calls you by offering you a product at odd hours, when you are peacefully at home after a hard day’s work.

Well, that’s telemarketing and let me tell you that it’s an online job with a future.

Companies like LiveOps allow you to work from home, offering a type of product from among your client portfolio. 

30 – Online coaching services

If you dedicate yourself to the world of Coaching or psychology and want to save the cost of renting offices, offices and other associated expenses, you can offer your online therapyservices .

Even if you already have your physical query, arranging some extra sessions by Skype or Hangouts will be a good way to earn even more money online.

31 – Freelance billing

If you are already officially freelance and you know other people who are not yet and get clients to do their jobs online, you can bill them instead.

For this billing, you can charge a commission and so you both win. You because you could have earned a commission without having done any work and this person will not have lost that client.

We do not know if it is one of the best orthodox ways to earn money, but certainly there are many people who do it.

32 – Online SEO services

SEO positioning is one of the most demanded digital marketing specialties currently and one of the most promising online jobs.

Given the high competition among professionals who offer their services or online stores and want to appear in the first place in Google searchesand thus be the preferred option.

For this, and if you are an SEO expert, you can offer your knowledge to individuals and companies and make a living in this way.

Being a totally online job, you can easily do it from home.

33 – Link building

In the world of blogging and content marketing, SEO is one of the key factors that make this type of professionals successful.

And without a doubt, obtaining external links from other relevant pages that are directly related to your topic to obtain greater authority is one of the most effective techniques. If you do not know very well about the world you read our article  Types of inbound links, details and how to use them in SEO . In it you will find important information so that you can make a link of quality.

Although linkbuilding is usually done voluntarily and naturally among bloggers, portals such as  suggest you write about something related to the theme of your blog and one or several “dofollow” links. In return you can earn money depending on the quality that you give to your blog.

34 – Webinars

Experts in some subject, sometimes provide free webinars for your followers or people who are interested in watching an online conference comfortably from home.

Strategically, at the end of the webinar you can inform about an information that you have available to buy on your website and that is the extension of the information you have counted in your online conference.

In this way and as it happened with the Freemium products previously explained, you will be giving away something of so much interest, that your audience will want to buy you the continuation.

35 – Bitcoins

Bitcoin is the digital currency that is being used to make money online by many people in the world.

In Spain, although it is still little known, every time it is having more success among people who want to earn extra money from home and online.

To understand how the online business of bitcoins works, we must have several concepts clear:

  • Bitcoin: basically they are strings of numbers encrypted by very complex algorithms, generated by this group of equally complex equipment.
  • Bitcoin wallet: it is a software that you will have to install in your computer and where the chains of code that you get will accumulate.
  • Bitcoin mines: they are websites where simply by performing very simple actions, you get to “mine” or release bitcoins.

Having seen these concepts, I explain how to earn money easily online.icon-great-2-46

Installed your bitcoin wallet , you must enter this series of websites or bitcoin mines and following the instructions, you must perform these simple actions. They tend to solve a captcha or a riddle.

Once you solve them, you are released a number of bitcoins, which are encrypted with a code, as I explained.

That code can be copied into your bitcoin wallet and the amount will increase as captchas and riddles are resolved.

As you can imagine, the amount of bitcoins you have, has an equivalence in Euros, dollars or the currency you use.

The business is that you will have obtained “digital money” as easy as you are reading it and you will be able to buy in online stores that accept this means of payment.

Recognized companies such as WordPress, Reddit, Microsoft, Dell, Mega or Expedia already accept bitcoin as a means of payment.

36 – Announcing your trips by car online

For a few years to this part and taking advantage of the years of crisis in which the price of gasoline has risen a lot, many individuals are getting monetized their trips by car.

Whether for work or leisure, from websites such as the famous BlaBlaCar you can announce the trip you have planned to make and put on sale the number of free seats you have, along with the characteristics of your car. 

Personally, I have tried several times as a passenger this way of doing business online and I can assure you that it is totally reliable.

In addition, you connect the online with the offline, that sure you had something rusty.

37 – Inversor Business Angel

If you have a certain economic capital, you can invest in start-ups or online projects with a future, that you are convinced that they will succeed and you predict a good future, but that in this initial phase they do not have enough capital to develop their model of business.

In addition to injecting money, you can be their mentor, you have a lot of charisma and a contrasted personal brand within the sector where you intend to take this new project hand in hand.

In return, when the project starts to roll, you will perceive a percentage of the benefits. This model of Business Angels is very widespread in the United States.

38 – Podcaster

It is known by all, that among the most successful formats and in addition to the future, highlights the video and audio in podcast format.icon-big-2-21

In this case, the versatility that provides your target audience to be listening to radio programs or interviews with references of your professional sector at the time you want and doing some other task is fantastic.

This work can be done comfortably from home and you can take advantage to inform your listeners of the products you offer on your website or earn extra money by letting any advertiser be promoted within your space.

39 – Investing online in stock exchange and currencies

If you have knowledge of stock market and stock market, you can be your own online broker and work from home investing your capital in this type of business.

Banks and companies specializing in this type of business already have platforms so that your investments can be done comfortably from home and online, becoming an online business with a future.

40 – Development of mobile applications

Since the emergence of smartphones many years ago, many computer scientists, developers or just very freaky fans of programming , who are undertaking a freelance in this type of business.

In addition, smartphones are increasingly smarter and with the arrival of the 3.0 era, I dare to say that this may be one of the professions with more future if you want to start.

41 – Make money with Google Adsense

It is another of the great creations of Google, with which, if you have a company on the internet type e-commerce or simply offer your services as a freelance, you can bet on investing in advertising within your website or blog.

In this way, the more number of clicks you have each of the ads that you insert in your website, you will earn more money.

To get this way to make money online is profitable, you must have a great web traffic , a loyal audience and offer your audience content of great value. In the Google Adsense guide we explain everything you need to know to correctly configure this tool on your blog and start earning money with it.

42 – Facebook Ads

Maybe you have ever wondered why while you are doing scroll on your Facebook wall, you get publications where you put “advertising” .

But in reality they do not bother you so much that they appear, since they are almost always related to the subject that interests you and / or your profession.

This is because there is a possibility that businesses that do online marketing on social networks like this one, segment their ads only for their target audience that shares the same interests.

So they are more likely to sell their products online.

In this way, if you have a business online, do not hesitate to invest some money in Facebook Ads. It will always give you greater benefits.

If you want to know more about this topic, the Facebook Ads guide will help you to know all its functions step by step and explain how to optimize your results.

43 – Twitter Ads

In this case it happens just like in the previous case of Facebook, when you get advertising publications in the Twitter timeline.

These ads are only activated when the criteria set by the advertiser are met.

Thus, they ensure that the likelihood of online purchase increases for you as well.

You can invest in advertising on Twitter, using hashtags to get more impressions and so these can bring extra benefits to your online business. I recommend you take a look at our  Guide + Tutorial to make announcements in Twitter Ads that will help you to learn how to choose your ideal type of campaign, available ad formats, budgets, analysis tools and you will also have a practical video-tutorial.

44 – Sale of Infoproducts

If you are a blogger already consecrated and have spent some time publishing valuable content, maybe it’s time to monetize in some way all those hours of work that has taken you to share your knowledge with your readers.

A very interesting way is to offer at an affordable price some infoproduct, such as an ebook or a free course.

If you have a considerable traffic and a target audience already loyal, it will be a good idea of ​​online business and with a future , if you continue to maintain your audience.

45 – The Cashback system to earn money online

This system is used by websites like Aklamio , which are basically intermediaries of the online stores where you are thinking of buying.

The operation is very simple: if for example you want to buy a book on Amazon, instead of entering directly through its official website, you enter through the search engine that Aklamio has. When you finish your purchase, you can receive a small part of what you have spent back.

With which you will have won (or you will have saved, depending on how you want to see it) some extra money for each purchase you make online.

This is possible thanks to the percentage that this type of webs take to bring their users to the store you were looking for.

46 – Get free online

There are many websites where you can play online for free and have a good time online.

The business is that the more time you spend playing, the more money you can earn . Meanwhile, the game is showing some ads , which are what “support” the platform.

There are times when the free version of the game ends, you must buy or get credits to move to the advanced version.

47 – Positioning of apps (ASO)

Basically this way of doing business online is based on doing SEO through the stores of applications such as Google Play or Apple APP Store.

In the same way that it happened with SEO, your application will have much greater visibility , it will be more downloaded and therefore you can get to earn more money, the better ASO has.

If you want to go deeper into the ASO positioning for applications and Apps, in the Aula CM blog we have a fantastic ASO Positioning Guide

48 – Resolve captchas as a source of income online

In the beginning when you have read this, it may have seemed a little strange to you that you can earn money by solving captchas.

And it is that the seemingly unhelpful spaces where we simply have to write what they write us just above to access some place of greater privacy and confirm that we are not robots, also has its business on the internet.

There are websites like 2captcha , only dedicated to show you captchas to solve. These sell the correct response you give to other websites, which insert them into your pages as a requirement for any download that a user wants to make in them. As simple as that.

The only downside is that you will not get rich online in this way, since it is estimated that they pay from 50 cents to € 1 per thousand captchas resolved.

49 – WordPress web designer

Within the freelance business or web design, the design with the WordPress CMS is very fashionable .

Around 25% of websites that exist today on the internet are made with this content manager and the best thing is that this figure is increasing exponentially, due to its intuitive and fully customizable interface. In addition, it has a large number of plugins that will help you develop an impressive website. In Aula CM we have an article where we list the best plugins used by the great maketing blogs so you can choose the one that fits the project you are going to make.

If you want a fun and creative way to make a living working online, you can try to become a WordPress designer in Aula CM with our in-person WordPress course , also available online , since it is expected that this CMS has come to stay and for So much is a profession with a future.

50 – Your creativity

In these years of crisis have emerged in Spain a multitude of new professions, that if they had told us in the 90s, when many of us beganI know what this internet was and we would not have imagined it.

And is that in times of crisis is when the ideas, our creativity and that hidden talent (or not so much) that all, ABSOLUTELY ALL we carry within. In Eastern culture, in fact, crisis means “opportunity” .

Work from home is possible

As you can see there are many ways to earn money with the internet. With all the expansion and growth of online businesses all these online opportunities have emerged that allow you to earn some money online.

Now is your chance. At Aula CM we want to know new ways of doing business online . So take out that creator that you have inside and leave me a comment with some business idea with a future that you have in mind.

Working from home and through the internet is possible.

Priyanka Shinde
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