Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes (June 2024)

Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes
Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes (Image via: Image via Gameloft)

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a popular game where players can redeem special codes to get exciting in-game rewards. These codes give players free items, decorations, and Moonstones to enhance their gaming experience. This guide will help you with the latest codes and how to redeem them effectively.

Active Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes

As of July 2024, several new codes have been released. These codes offer a variety of rewards, from Moonstones to exclusive decorations:

  • IO22024: Redeem for x4 Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out 2-inspired mood bracelets (NEW)
  • PRIDEGLEAM24: Redeem for a Gleam Balloon Arch, Gleam Balloon Bouquet x2, Gleam Ear Headband, and a Gleam Popcorn Bucket (Rainbow flag style) (NEW)
  • PRIDESHINE24: Redeem for a Shine Balloon Arch, Shine Balloon Bouquet x2, Shine Ear Headband, and a Shine Popcorn Bucket (Pansexual flag style) (NEW)
  • PRIDESHIMMER24: Redeem for a Shimmer Balloon Arch, Shimmer Balloon Bouquet x2, Shimmer Ear Headband, and a Shimmer Popcorn Bucket (Asexual flag style) (NEW)
  • PRIDEILLUMINATE24: Redeem for an Illuminate Balloon Arch, Illuminate Balloon Bouquet x2, Illuminate Ear Headband, and an Illuminate Popcorn Bucket (Bisexual flag style) (NEW)
  • PRIDEGLOW24: Redeem for a Glow Balloon Arch, Glow Balloon Bouquet x2, Glow Ear Headband, and a Glow Popcorn Bucket (MLM flag style) (NEW)
  • PRIDEBRIGHT24: Redeem for a Bright Balloon Arch, Bright Balloon Bouquet x2, Bright Ear Headband, and a Bright Popcorn Bucket (Transgender flag style) (NEW)
  • PRIDERADIATE24: Redeem for a Radiate Balloon Arch, Radiate Balloon Bouquet x2, Radiate Ear Headband, and a Radiate Popcorn Bucket (Lesbian flag style) (NEW)
  • PRIDEDAZZLE24: Redeem for a Dazzle Balloon Arch, Dazzle Balloon Bouquet x2, Dazzle Ear Headband, and Dazzle Popcorn Bucket (Non-binary flag style) (NEW)
  • PARKSFEST24: Park Recycling Bin, Colorful Park Bench, Park Banner Lamppost
  • DDVBALLOON: Celebration Balloon Arch, Celebration Balloon Clusters x2
  • DDVHEADBAND: Celebration Mickey Mouse Ears, Celebration Minnie Mouse Ears
  • DDVBPACK: Celebration Backpack
  • PRIDE20231: Gleam tee shirt
  • PRIDE20232: Illuminate tee shirt
  • PRIDE20233: Shine tee shirt
  • PRIDE20234: Shimmer tee shirt
  • PRIDE20235: Glow tee shirt
  • PRIDE20236: Radiate tee shirt
  • PRIDE20237: Bright tee shirt
  • PRIDE20238: Dazzle tee shirt
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Past Codes and Their Rewards

In addition to the active codes, here are some previously released codes with their rewards:

  • DREAMLIGHTPARK: Provided Magical Recyclers.
  • FOFSOUVENIR: Offered Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot, and Tinkering Parts.
  • FOFCATCHDAY: Included Kingfish, Fugu, and Anglerfish.
  • FOFLOGEMS: Gave Diamonds, Rubies, and Sapphires​​.

These codes have been around for a while, and players who have been active in the game may have already redeemed them. However, new players or those who missed these codes can still try their luck.

How to Redeem Codes

Redeeming codes in Disney Dreamlight Valley is straightforward. Follow these steps to claim your rewards:

  1. Open the Main Menu: Press the icon with three lines at the top-right of your screen.
  2. Select “Help”: On the left-hand side of the “Settings” menu.
  3. Enter the Code: Type the code into the “Redemption code” box.
  4. Claim Your Reward: Press “Claim” and check your Mailbox by your player home for the items.
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Tips for New Players

New players should keep an eye on updates and new codes released by Gameloft. These codes are often time-limited, so redeem them as soon as possible to avoid missing out on valuable rewards. Additionally, joining online communities and forums can help you stay updated with the latest codes and tips from fellow players​.

Upcoming Updates and Features

Disney Dreamlight Valley continues to evolve with new features and updates. Recent additions include unique items and characters like Sulley and Mike from Monsters, Inc., which add more excitement to the game. Players can expect more such updates in the coming months, bringing fresh content and new codes to redeem​​.