Cat Piece Codes (July 2024)

Cat Piece Codes
Cat Piece Codes (Image via: 7Quest Studio)

Cat Piece is a popular Roblox game inspired by the One Piece anime and manga series. Players navigate islands, find devil fruits, and aim to become the ultimate pirate cat. On July 4, 2024, new codes were released that give players free rewards like diamonds, stat resets, and in-game currency called Geli.

How to Redeem Codes in Cat Piece

Redeeming codes in Cat Piece is straightforward:

  1. Open Roblox and launch Cat Piece.
  2. Click the Twitter button on the side of the screen.
  3. Copy a code from the list provided.
  4. Enter the code into the text box.
  5. Press the Redeem button to claim your reward.

If a new code doesn’t work, try restarting the game. This might connect you to a server with an updated build where the code works.

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Latest Codes for July 2024

Here are the latest active codes you can use:

  • UPDATE1.4 – 7 Diamonds and a Stat Reset
  • THANKYOU – 7 Diamonds and a Stat Reset
  • SUBSCRIBETOLOFIJIAN – 77 Diamonds and a Stat Reset
  • SEA3HINTSSOON – 7 Diamonds and a Stat Reset
  • LOVEYALL – 170 Diamonds and a Stat Reset
  • Sorry – 7 Diamonds and a Stat Reset
  • sevenstatreset – Stat Reset
  • LOFIJIAN_IS_COOL – 100 Diamonds
  • STATRESET7Q – 7 Diamonds and a Stat Reset
  • catpiecesucks – Stat Reset & Geli
  • DEADLY1 – Free Geli
  • UPDATE1.1STATRESET – Stat Reset
  • DRAGONV3UPDATE! – Free Geli
  • TY1KSUBS! – GOROV2 Fruit
  • DOUGHV2UPDATE! – 100 Million Geli
  • HALLOWEENUPDATE! – 100 Million Geli
  • THUNDERUPDATE! – Free Geli
  • QUAKEUPDATE! – 30 Million Geli
  • ONEPIECEISREAL! – 70 Million Geli
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Expired Codes

Unfortunately, some codes have expired. Here are a few that no longer work:

  • MEOW! – 300 Million Geli
  • PIECEONLINEREWORK – 70 Million Geli
  • GG100M! – 100 Million Geli

What Are Cat Piece Codes?

Cat Piece codes provide free rewards that help players progress in the game. These codes are usually time-limited, so it’s best to use them quickly.

Where to Find More Codes

To stay updated with the latest codes, follow the developer Deadly_Krz on Twitter and join the official Discord server. You can also check gaming websites that frequently update code lists.

Using these codes can give you a significant boost in Cat Piece, helping you become a stronger pirate cat. Keep an eye on updates to make sure you don’t miss out on new codes as they are released.

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